'Star Sapphire'

Consultation for personal growth

Inner man and inner woman polarity with chakra reading

What is 'Star Sapphire'?

'Star Sapphire' is a verbal and an experiential session for you to find clarity about your present life situation. You may come with a particular life issue or just to have a general look at your life.


Our personality - female and male energies!

One of the basic concepts of this work is that our personality consists of male and female energies. If appropriate we will use a special method to separate these two voices, so that you can experience and speak from each of these two sides.


What does a 'Star Sapphire' session look like?

The session begins with an energy reading of the body using psychic vision and sensitivity. This gives the session giver an overview of the energy system and helps him to find out where the resources are, and to decide how best to help you to connect with these resources.


From here on the session can move into one of many different directions depending on the situation. We may set up a dialogue between the male and female sides, as there may be a dynamic between them which needs to be looked at more closely.

A journey to oneself!

In any case it is a journey of self-exploration; to find out, to experience and to acknowledge where you are in your life and to rest in it.


Once this happens, life starts flowing in a true direction, sometimes not the direction you wanted, but in any case a direction which brings joy, freedom and creativity.


For whom is this session?

This session is especially helpful for people who feel unclear about their present situation, or who feel confused about a relationship or about their work. It is for those who want to make a decision, or those who want to see what keeps them stuck.


Why the name 'Star Sapphire'?

Ein Stern Saphir (Star Sapphire)

A star sapphire is often an ordinary stone – almost unnoticeable.

However if you turn it just a little bit, suddenly there shines a brilliant star out of it and it becomes a  precious gem.
Our life situation can be exactly like this. Just a small change in our point of view and what before looked like an unsolvable life situation can become the perfect condition for our personal growth.




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Book recommendation:

The two shores of Love
inner man & inner woman

Sagarpriya DeLong
ISBN-13: 979-1220004664


Das Buch von Sagarpriya Delong - Typisch Mann Typische Frau


The author about the book

Each of us, regardless of our gender, carries (usually incognito) two distinct personalities—one masculine and one feminine—which have their own energies and ways of thinking. In a natural state, the inner male and female are flowing in a rhythm where each complements and supports the other. However, when one side of this dynamic becomes dominant, it can impose its preferred activities, projects, and priorities on the other. This domination can arise from good intentions based on love, or destructive intentions based on fear, but in either case it causes the opposite polarity to suffer, to lose its rightful opportunity to express itself and be creative. When this happens on the inside of ourselves, then our outer relationships will reflect the very same discomfort and tension. This book shows, from many angles, how to offer both the inner man and inner woman a chance to follow their own natural flow of energy. When they have the strength to follow their own flows independently, they will be happy together. If they are happy together, the body sings. If they are in accord, the vibrance of the male and the serenity of the female can be brought to every activity. When they are in love, their melting gives us a feeling of shining, effervescent completeness.