If you want, I offer a 30 min. free-of-charge, non-binding, preliminary talk – over the phone or in person.


Private clients

As a private client formalities are not relevant for you. One further advantage for you is that no official diagnosis will be noted in your patient's records.

The fee for a session is
90 € per hour.


Private health insurance

If, in your private health insurance or in your supplementary insurance, the costs for healing practitioner services are covered, then these will usually be refunded.

In this case you can pay me directly and then send in the bill to your insurance company for refund.


State health insurance

In exceptional cases there is a possibility that the costs can be refunded by the state health insurance. I am happy to advise you.

For low-income clients I can offer a reduction.
In addition, the expenses for psychotherapy can be declared as 'extraordinary expenses' in your yearly tax return. Please check with your tax advisor.