Somatic Experiencing®

Body-oriented trauma therapy according to Dr. Peter Levine

Many of us suffer from symptoms which are related to an event or events in the past – something usually very intense and threatening – where we were overwhelmed and were not able to defend ourselves or to escape.

Shock experiences can be treated

This can be a single event trauma for example an accident, an assault or a natural catastrophe.  (also known as posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD in English or PTBS in German).

Tiger: Somatic Experiencing ist wie das Erwachen des Tigers

Or it can also be a repeated traumatizing for example in physical abuse or sexual abuse or a violent family situation or neglect in the childhood. (also known as  early childhood trauma or developmental trauma).


Somatic Experiencing is a soft method for healing these kinds of trauma and shock symptoms.


Typical symptoms for traumatising experiences

•  Flashbacks
•  Frights, fears, phobias or terror
•  Avoiding certain situations or thoughts
•  Physical pains and disorders
•  Difficulties in relating
•  Feeling frozen or feeling numb
•  Exhaustion or lethargy
•  Hyperactivity or hyper vigilance
•  Light irritability
•  Depression and anxiety
•  Grief and sorrow
•  Sleeplessness or nightmares


Sometimes we have these symptoms but we are unable to remember the original event or events which may be the cause.


In shock much energy will be mobilized

In a life-threatening situation a huge amount of energy is mobilized to get ready for fight or flight. Once the threat is removed, we are usually able to discharge this excess energy. But often, for various reasons, this is not possible. The aroused energy remains stuck or locked in our nervous system, in particular that part of the nervous system which is responsible for our physical survival, our reptilian brain. This part of the nervous system in some ways works independently of our normal mental and cognitive functions and to access it we need to slow down and to get in touch with our body sensations.


Sometimes the mobilized energy is so much that an automatic shutdown occurs and the whole nervous system goes into a freeze and may even become fragmented.


Slow down, relax and sense the body

To access this energy locked in our nervous system, we have to slow down, relax and come into contact with our body sensations.

When we have found this access to our nervous system, we have a possibility to release this blocked and stuck energy. As the amount of energy we are dealing with can be very big and very wild, we need to work slowly and in a manageable way, dealing with small doses and constantly remaining in touch with our resources like feelings of safety, protection, trust and relaxation.


Somatic Experiencing – a soft method of treatment

This is why Somatic Experiencing is a soft and gentle method. It supports our nervous system’s ability to regulate itself. This is also why often it is necessary to take several individual sessions at regular intervals.


Out of the freeze and into the river of life

Once our nervous system re-learns to regulate itself, the old stuck energy which had manifested in all these unexplainable symptoms is released and we feel at peace with ourselves and our environment.



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»Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the 'triggering' event itself. They stem from the frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged. This residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits.«


-  Peter A. Levine -


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